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ZipView 1.9

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  • Version:1.9
  • Operation System:Windows
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ZipView 1.9Description

ZipView is a complete Zip file manager that allows you to view the most common file types without extracting. Introducing ZipView - the world's only Zip file Viewer. Now you don't need to extract Zip file contents to view the most common file types. You will simply need to click on any file within the treeview or list in order to be able to view them in a distinct tab.
This is a huge advancement in Zip file technology. Incredibly, you can view and navigate an entire website in a Zip archive without ever extracting a file.
Main features:

  • View HTML, RTF, Text PDF, MHT and these graphic file types: BMP, JPG, GIF, PSD, WMF, PNG, ICO, TIFF.

  • Files open in their own tab window without extracting.

  • Archive/store any kind of files, such as offline webpages, RTF documents and graphic files and view them anytime with ZipView without ever needing to extract.

  • "Thumbnail" viewer to view an entire folder or group of graphic files as thumbnails.

  • Superior user interface to WinZip and the rest.

  • Fast, low memory usage compression engine.

  • 100% compatible with the existing ZIP formats (PKZip 2.04g).

  • 20-30% better compression than standard ZIP files (new BZip2 compression method [burrows-wheeler transform]) for many popular file types.

  • Zip files created can be used by any of today's existing unzipping applications, and vice-versa.

  • Stores and retrieves the latest zip file format extensions, even Unicode filenames and NT file attributes!

  • No need to repair corrupted zip files. Auto Error Recovery automatically tries to recover from errors and reports any inconsistencies found in the zip file while unzipping.

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